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Bathroom Aids

The Stackable Bath Step makes it easier and safer for the user to get in and out of the bath. The Bath Steps unique modular design allows multiple steps to be used, and stacked on top of each other, when a higher step or range of steps is needed. It has a textured surface that is slip resistant for user comfort and maximum user safety.

The Bathroom Safety Rail is fitted with a clamp which secures to the edge of the bath. It provides the user with optimum safety, massively reducing the risk of slips and accidents.

The Swedish Bath Grab Rail is designed to provide the user with a firm grab handle to use when getting into and out of the bath. It is easily fixed to the bath, using the two integral rubber lined clamps which attach over the side of the bath, and a strong base plate which can be fixed to the floor. The hand rail is angled at the top and is also height adjustable, ensuring the most comfortable position for the user and at the same time giving maximum support.

The long length Suction Safety Rail is designed for use on tiled walls and other non-porous surfaces. Featuring pressure switches at both ends of the product, the rail creates an extremely resilient vacuum seal when attached to a surface. This does away with any need for drilling or screwing. It is also easy to remove by releasing the pressure switches, making it conveniently repositionable and portable.

We also have a short version


The suction handles are designed to assist natural motion, as when getting in and out of a shower. It is not designed to hold or support the full body weight.


The Plastic Fluted Grab Rail provides a permanent support in shower or bath. We have 30 and 40.5 cm available.

The Raised Toilet Seat is moulded as a one piece seat to reduce any hygiene issues and risks. The seat is very easy to fit by using its two adjustable fixing brackets. These keep the seat securely in place. The seat is contoured to ensure user comfort.


Toilet Frame with Seat

The one piece moulded contoured seat has been ergonomically designed to give good thigh support and the seat has a front cutaway section which allows the user easier personal cleaning. The gentle contoured slopes of the toilet seat give a high level of user comfort and at the same time enabling easier transfers. It is height adjustable for user comfort and has a good wide base to ensure stability and user safety.


The height adjustable Toilet Surround helps the user to get up from the toilet. The rail has padded arm rests for added comfort and support, with a good height range to

ensure user comfort.


The Commode is a toileting aid that reduces the risk of injury for elderly and disabled people who struggle to use a traditional toilet. Integrated armrests provide

additional support and comfort when entering and exiting the chair. Its plastic toilet pan also features a lid

to make disposing of waste easier and more hygienic, reducing the risk of spillages.

The Height Adjustable Shower

Chair comprises a robust plastic seat

with holes for swift drainage, plus a

backrest and integrated armrests for

exceptional support and user

comfort. The rubber, non-slip

ferrules prevent unwanted

movement, even in a wet

environment, to reduce the risk of


The Folding Commode is a

durable yet lightweight commode. It

easily folds making it great for

storage and portability for trips


The Round Shower Stool features

anti slip rubber feet and height

adjustable legs to suit the user. It is

small enough to fit into smaller


We also have a soft padded square


The Slatted Bath Board features

tapered slats along its body to ensure

that water is shed quickly. This helps

to ensure that water does not sit on

top of the board so making the user

cold or uncomfortable. In addition,

these fittings can be altered to ensure

that this Bath Board will fit inside

the vast majority of baths. Non slip

rubber pads help to ensure that this

board will not move during use.

The Nuvo Bath Lift enables the

user to lower and raise himself in

and out of the water, without having

to use body strength. It can be used

in an upright position for maximum

leg room or can be reclined to the

users preferred position.

The Bath Bench is another option

for sitting down on top of the bath

while showering.

The Inflatable Bathing Cushion is a

bath lift designed for people who

have difficulty in getting into and

out of the bath. This bath lift is ideal

for those who have reasonable upper

body stability. The Inflatable

Bathing Cushion will lower them

into the bath and lift them back out

as needed, using the fully waterproof

Airflo compressor control buttons.

When lowering into the bath they

can choose to keep a small amount

of air in the cushion to provide

additional support and comfort, or

release all the air and so lie back

maximising room in the bath. When

they have finished bathing, simply

re-inflate the bathing cushion to

gently lift you back up to the level of

the top of the bath.

We have different models available.




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