Gairloch Aid & Mobility Support

Bedroom Aids

Wooden Transfer Board

The short, manageable nature of this

transfer board make it ideal for lots

of those day to day functional

transfer situations such as bed to

chair, wheelchair to commode and

wheelchair to car transfers. It is easy

to transport, and therefore always

handy when needed.

Supplied as a set of 4, these

Elephant Feet Raisers are designed

to lift various items of large

furniture such as chairs, sofas, beds

and tables by 90 and 14 mm. They

are strong and very robust, with a

deep, non-slip recess at the top. The

broad base makes it extremely


The Border Patrol Safety Beam is a very simple and easy to install electronic entrance monitoring

device which works by creating an invisible infrared beam between the two units supplied. They are easy to

position and can be placed up to 20 metres apart. If you are caring for someone who sometimes gets

confused and is prone to wandering off, or gets up in the night, this is the ideal aid for increasing your peace

of mind.

The Transfer Belt is ideal for short distance transfers or to help lift someone from his bed, chair or

wheelchair. The Economy Transfer Belt has four webbed handle grips for safety while transferring. The

belt is quick and easy to adjust to the right size for different users, and is secured around the user’s waist with the strong strap and buckle enabling a carer to reach the webbed handle grips.

The Transfer Turntable provides

a smooth, easy and constant rotation

(up to 360°) when transferring a user

to and from a bed, chair, commode

or car etc. It reduces the need for

awkward and uncomfortable manual

lifting, significantly reducing the

risk of injury to the carer and user.

A Bed Leaver helps rising from a lying to a sitting and then standing position. Bed grab rails can provide

the answer in most cases and also help restore independence to the user. It is designed for use on divan style beds. The Bed Leaver will fit single, double and king-size beds and is supplied with fixing straps to

secure the rail in position on any size bed.

We have two different models.

The Floor to Ceiling Safety

Transfer Grab Rail is perfect for

those who require assistance

 when rising from a seated

position or as a solid handle in the

bathroom. It is available with either

a non-slip hand grip section or with

an adjustable, pivoting grab bar. It

can be fixed permanently or

repositioned in any room.

The Single Hoop Leg Lifting Aid

is a webbing strap with stiffened

stem which enables the user to move

a stiff or immobile leg, when getting

into or out of a bed, a wheelchair, or

when using a footstool. The upper

loop fits around the hand and wrist,

and the lower stiffened loop slides

over the foot to give control when

lifting the leg.


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