Gairloch Aid & Mobility Support

Car Aids

The soft padded Rotary Cushion

is ideal for use on car seats, chairs

and beds. It allows a smooth swivel

transfer without painful jarring or

twisting. The underside is covered in

an anti-slip material for added

safety, while the top is cushioned for


Designed as an aid to standing when rising from a vehicle, the Portable Handy Bar is a very simple but strong and reliable aid. It fits into the door bracket on the car's door frame of most vehicles. It is a supporting handle that protrudes at an ideal height, assisting the user to sit or stand. As a bonus, it also incorporates a device for breaking glass in an emergency and a cutter that can be used to quickly cut away a seatbelt in the event of an accident.

Extendible Ramps are used to

create access into a house or load a

wheelchair into a car.


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