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Fall Prevention Class

Falls are such common events for older people that it is easy to overlook their often very serious consequences for the person, including fractures, pain, impaired mobility, loss of confidence in carrying out everyday activities, and loss of independence. By improving their strength, flexibility, balance and reaction time through exercising, people significantly reduce their risk of falling. Through exercises they also improve their bone density. This means they are less likely to have fractures if they fall. People are never too old to exercise. They can even restore the mobility they have already lost.


Fall Prevention Classes take place each Friday at 2:30 pm in the Annexe of the Community Hall. The classes are led by Elna Lawrie, a qualified teacher of physical education and sports science or Birgit Joost, a qualified Physiotherapist.


We are exercising for ¾ hour. Our program consists of functional exercises like getting up from a chair, turning around, reaching up overhead and down towards the floor. Sometimes we use balls etc. and usually we move to music. We finish with an opportunity to chat over tea and cakes, thanks to kind donations.


Those sessions are much appreciated by the people who attend, not only for the physical benefits they are experiencing but also for the social aspect they offer.

If people feel they might benefit from these sessions a warm welcome awaits them.


Classes are free; however donations are welcome to cover costs.


For further information contact Elna, Telephone-No.: 01445 74127




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