Gairloch Aid & Mobility Support

Dressing Aids

Dorking Stocking Aid Donner.

The extendable handles on this

stocking aid enable the easy

application of stockings and socks

for those with a limited reach. The

hold down handles rotate 90°,

creating a more comfortable position

for the user whilst applying their

stockings. The central column, that

holds the stocking, has a small ridge

that prevents movement during

application. The column also widens

at the top, allowing room for the

larger calf.

The Long Reach Shoehorn that is

perfect for use at the heel, helping to

guide your feet into your shoes with

ease. It is ideal for those with limited

mobility, for example after hip















Helping Hand Soxon Sock Aid

Roll the sock or stocking on, drop

Soxon to the floor & wriggle your

toes in & pull up on the loops;The

towelling liner allows easy travel

over foot and ankle while ensuring a

wrinkle free sock. Works for

stockings too!

The Handy Reacher will assist

those with restricted reach and/or

mobility problems, to pick up things

from the floor. It also has a hook to

aid dressing.


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