Gairloch Aid & Mobility Support


The Millie-Mova Chair Aid is

easily fitted to most chairs to aid the

carer when moving the chair either

in to a desk, dinner table or to

another area of the room. It

immediately gets rid of the risk of

injury for the carer and increases

dignity and safety for the user. Not

only does the Millie-Mova Chair

Aid help the user and carer but it

also helps prolong chair life, protects

the floor from damage and increases

the chair stability.

Pedal Exercisers help users to

improve fitness, circulation and

muscle strength. This can be of great

use during recovery from injuries or

operations. This machine also allows

a user to exercise effectively from

the comfort of his own chair. The

Pedal Exerciser is ideal for

exercising the legs, but may also be

placed on a table to allow the user to

exercise the arms and upper body.

Hands Free Magnifier

is excellent for hands free

requirement, like reading, knitting

and other hobbies.

This Wheelchair Cosy is waterproof

and lined with fleece, keeping the user dry

and warm. It is very easily fitted and

comprises a back panel and a zip-sided

covering for the whole of the lower body.


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