Gairloch Aid & Mobility Support

Walking Aids

Walking Sticks

We have different models of walking sticks. Some are height adjustable; some have ergonomic handles (s. picture right). These handles allow the user to put more weight on the stick while protecting the wrist and hand.



Our crutches have ergonomic soft grip handles and are open at the front making them easier to use.

Quad Base Walking Sticks provide more stability than a walking stick but with the convenience of a one-handed walking stick. This is important in tight spaces like narrow doorways.

4 Under Arm Crutches are useful for people who don’t have enough arm strength to walk with normal crutches.


A rollator is a walking aid which gives a lot of support. It can be used in and out doors. The basket makes it easy to transport things, as does the tray e.g. a mug of tea or a plate of food. The seat is very useful to improve the walking distance. The user can sit down for a break and then continue with the walk.


Forearm Rollator

The forearm rollator has the same benefits as the normal rollator. It helps the user to walk more upright. Taking the weight on the forearms is useful for people with hand and wrist problems.

3 wheel Rollator

This is a perfect rollator for narrow spaces.

Wheeled Zimmer Frame is a stable walking aid for inside use. Two of them can be folded.


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